Serra do Caldeirão
This is a vast hilly area mainly covered by expanses of Sunrose, Tree
Heath and Strawberry Tree, as well as Cork Oak forests, Pine woodlands
and valleys with riverine woodland, which are still quite well preserved.
The relief is very wavy, reaching a maximum altitude of 575m.
Most interesting species:
Bonelli's Eagle, Wryneck, Red-rumped Swallow, Blue Rock Thrush, Subalpine Warbler, Orphean

Other species:
Goshawk, Sparrowhawk, Short-toed Eagle, Bee-eater, Green Woodpecker, Lesser Spotted
Woodpecker, Common Redstart, Crested Tit, Golden Oriole, Woodchat Shrike, Raven

Yellow-browed Warbler
The whole area is quite large and is best visited using a car, following one of the many routes that run through
the hills. As a base for exploring, we recommend the village of
Barranco do Velho, situated along the N2
road, between São Brás and Almodôvar. At this location, it is possible to see Red-rumped Swallow, Blue
Warbler has been recorded.

From here, one can either explore the valley of the Ribeira de Odeleite eastwards, towards Feiteira, or the
valleys to the west, towards Salir. It is worth making stops along the route, as there are chances of Bonelli's
Eagle, Sparrowhawk and Lesser Spotted Woodpecker; in the valleys there are Orphean and Subalpine
Warblers and Golden Orioles. The landscape in both cases is breath-taking.
From this location, there is a small road that connects to
Parises, south of the Odeleite stream; the views
along here are superb and this route offers the possibility of finding some birds of prey, like Goshawk,
Bonelli's Eagle and Short-toed Eagle. The latter species is particularly common around here. Along the route
between Parises and Alportel, there are good patches of Cork Oak groves, where one can find several forest
birds such as Green Woodpecker, Common Redstart, Crested Tit and Woodchat Shrike.
District: Faro
Counties: Loulé and São Brás
Where it is: The Serra do Caldeirão can be accessed from Loulé and São Brás or Almodôvar.
the area described here. From São Brás de Alportel or Loulé, just follow the signs to Barranco do Velho; from
Almodôvar, take the N2 southwards.

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A view of the undulating landscape of Caldeirão.
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