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Ponta da Piedade
Near the town of Lagos, the rocky coast forms an important promontory
called Ponta da Piedade. This is a good place to watch seabirds and
is also one of the few places in Portugal where wild Rock Doves can
be found.
The visit is made on foot. Starting at the car park, it is possible to walk on the left side of the lighthouse. The
focus should be concentrated on the cliffs and on the islets that surround the area. The first bird that stands
out is the ubiquitous Yellow-legged Gull, which nests on islets and can be seen throughout the year. In
autumn and winter it is also usual to find several Cormorants.
One of the specialties which can be easily found at this site
is the Jackdaw (an uncommon species in Portugal). Despite
being much less abundant than it was twenty years ago, this
on the islets or it flies over land around the lighthouse.
Another species that occurs on the cliffs is the Rock Dove
(the wild relative of the domestic pigeon). This bird is quite
common at this place, although the diversity of plumages of
the birds occurring here suggests that there has been a
genetic mixture with birds of domestic origin. Other birds that
can be found at this location are Spotless Starling and Black

During the breeding season, some of the islets are occupied
by several hundred pairs of herons, which have chosen this
location to install their colony. The majority are Cattle Egrets,
but there are also a few Little Egrets.

It is also worth taking a look at the fields along the road that
leads to the lighthouse and looking for passerines. Common
species here include Greenfinch, Linnet and Corn Bunting.

If you want to watch seabirds, it is advisable to arrive at the
place just after sunrise. Choose a safe place to sit and look
at the sea, trying to identify the birds that pass along the
Best Season: September to May
District: Faro
County: Lagos
Where it is: in the western Algarve, about 2 km south of Lagos. Access is made from the centre of Lagos,
following the signs to the Ponta da Piedade. Parking is possible next to the lighthouse

If you want to know other places to watch birds in this region, we suggest:
The Ponta da Piedade, as seen from the Porto de Mós Beach, which lies a little further west
The islets hold many
Yellow-legged Gulls and a few Jackdaws
The Ponta da Piedade is a good place
to watch seabirds
On the cliffs behind the lighthouse it is possible to watch the Black Redstart and the "wild" Rock Dove
Cormorant, Yellow-legged Gull, Rock Dove, Black Redstart, Jackdaw, Spotless Starling, Linnet,
Corn Bunting

Brown Booby
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